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You Need To See A Pulmonologist If You're Noticing These Symptoms

Who is a Pulmonologist?

A pulmonologist is a doctor who specialises in treating lung conditions. With global pollution levels rising every day, lung health is the need of the hour. If you want to consult a pulmonary specialist today, the Allergy and Asthma Clinic at Sushrut Hospital & Research Centre is your place to be.

What kind of diseases do Pulmonologists treat?

Some pulmonologists specialise in certain diseases like COPD, asthma or pulmonary fibrosis, while others treat specific demographics like pediatric or geriatric patients. To summarise, any respiratory or lung-related problem can be treated by a pulmonologist.

When should one see a Pulmonologist?

Coming to the big question now: “When should I see a pulmonologist?” You should immediately see a pulmonologist if you’re feeling any strange discomfort relating to your lungs or chest, abnormal breathing patterns, or similar symptoms.

While it isn’t a given that you have some serious condition, it is a probability which can be figured out in-depth with professional help. Sushrut Hospital in Chembur hosts some of the best pulmonologists, who’re available for any sort of respiratory discomfort, general surgery and similar pulmonary treatments.

Here are some common symptoms to help you out:

1. Breathlessness

If you’re having a hard time taking a breath, it is not normal and you should prioritize a visit to a pulmonary specialist. While it may not always be a serious indicator of any disease, it’s always better to play safe by investigating any respiratory abnormalities.

2. Chronic cough

Cough is often caused due to various allergies, and we tend not to pay much heed after taking basic medication. It is important to note that if the cough persists for multiple weeks, it might be more than just a regular cough. 

A pulmonologist can help you dive deeper into the symptoms and diagnose any condition you might have. 

3. Wheezing

Sometimes you tend to make a whistle-like sound while breathing which arises due to a partially blocked airway. Causes of this can be cold, allergies, or even bronchitis in some cases. Consult a pulmonologist to fully understand the cause of your case.

4. Loud snoring/Tiredness

If you’re experiencing loud snoring or tiredness even after a full night’s sleep, chances are that you’re showing symptoms of sleep apnea. You might be required to make lifestyle changes or take medication, but the first solution is to consult a pulmonologist.

While these are just some of them, you can experience a different range of symptoms according to the environment in which you’re located. 

Our dynamic lifestyles doubled with the current environment is not easy on our lungs, but you needn't worry because Chembur Sushrut Hospital, has some of the best lung doctor in Chembur with cutting-edge technology at their disposal to treat you the best. 

Book an appointment for any respiratory ailments today with some of the best pulmonologists in Chembur at the best multi-speciality hospital in Chembur.

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