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Nutrition and Dietetics Department

The department of Nutrition & Dietetics at Sushrut Hospital and Research Centre is a comprehensive center that aims at providing appropriate Nutritional Therapy by meeting patients nutritional needs based on their status by screening & assessing In-Patients as well as Out-patients.

7 to 8 therapeutic meals provided for In-patients are planned by qualified dietician depending on their clinical condition. The various types of diet provided at hospital include:

  • Normal/Full diet
  • Soft diet
  • Semisolid diet
  • Liquid diet
  • Salt restricted diet
  • Diabetic diet
  • High protein diet
  • Renal diet
  • Diarrhoea diet
  • RT/PEG/JT feeds

The department also aims at creating Awareness campaigns/camps in community settings like Societies, Clubs, Gym, Schools as well as in Cooperates.

We stay committed to provide highest quality nutrition care practices & food service along with patient education programmes.


To provide preventive care

To improve quality of life

To delay complications

Personalised Nutrition & Physical activity counselling provided are based on Body Composition Analysis (BCA), Nutrition & health score, Hand grip strength, Anthropometric, Biochemical, Clinical & Dietary assessment.

Areas of practise include following health parameters;

Lifestyle diseases

Clinical disorders

Digestive disorders

Bone health


Weight Management

Kidney Diseases



Maternity & Child Nutrition


Liver diseases


High Uric Acid / Gout

Sports Nutrition


Transplant Nutrition


Rhuematoid Arthiritis

Detox/Preventive Nutriton

High Blood Pressure

Onco nutrition



Vitamin Deficiencies


Tube feeding




Hypo / Hyper thyroidism

Pre - Post Surgery

Bariatric Surgery





Gluten/Lactose Allergy



Apart from nutrition & physical activity, the department focuses on Stress & sleep management, as they play an important role to maintain health.


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