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Frequently Asked Questions of Customer Care

365, Sant Vershaw Kakkaya Marg, Swastik Park, Chembur (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071

  • ICCU – 21 Beds
  • Super Deluxe
  • Deluxe Twin Sharing
  • Deluxe A
  • General Ward-Male/Female
  • Multi Bed A/C

You may pay by cash, credit / debit card, demand drafts or pay orders, NEFT and RTGS.

Area Weekdays Sundays and Public Holidays
Rooms 5-8 pm 11am to 1 pm
Intensive care Units 5 -7 pm

The hospital has a qualified and well trained team of dieticians and kitchen staff to cater to all your dietary needs. No outside food is allowed in the hospital.

You may collect the pending reports from the OPD report dispatch counter, on production of the pending slip on any working day

Outside medicines or consumables are not allowed for in patients.


Every private room has a telephone that enables you to make calls within the hospital.

Children below 12 yrs are not allowed to visit the patients in the hospital.

No, parking facility is not available at the hospital. parking to be done outside the hospital.

Rooms must be vacated on transfer of patients to ICU or any other ward as there would be other patients in need of the room. We have dormitory facility available at the hospital for the relatives to stay.

As part of the hospital protocol, none of the above are permitted to be taken inside the hospital.

We do not have the facility for the relatives to have their home food when in the hospital premises. We have a canteen service and room service facility available for the relatives

Frequently Asked Questions of Admission & Billing

The only difference would be in bed charges, investigation, doctor fees, and possibly a 20 to 25 percent difference if it involves a surgery/procedure. Otherwise pharmacy and material charges are same across classes

REGULAR 2500/- 4000/- 6500/- 8500/- 12000/-
ICU - 5000/- 7500/- 9500/- 13000/-

Check-In / Check-Out time is 11.00 am. After 11.00 AM, bed charges for the next day will be applicable.

The bed charges accounting cycle is 11am to 11 am. You are requested to contact the billing department or the admission counter for further details

An OT booking can be done with a doctor's prescription, or the treating doctor may reserve it on the patient's behalf. Beds are allotted as per reservation and availability, depending on the patient's class preference. We do not have a bed booking system.

All efforts will be made to allot you a room of your choice. However, please note that allotment of rooms would be subject to availability of the particular choice of room at that given time.

You may pay by cash, credit / debit card, demand drafts, pay order, NEFT or RTGS. The hospital routinely does not accept cheques.

Emergency Charges (1.5 times) will be applicable on a surgery, if the same is performed between 8.00 pm and 8.00 am, and on Sundays and Public Holidays

Refunds amounting to Rs.20,000/- and above will be made through crossed cheques only. If a deposit has been paid by credit card / debit card, then the refund will be made through cheques only, irrespective of the refund amount.

We have tie up with various Third Party Administrators (TPA) for cashless benefits. Please contact the TPA desk for the same.

As technology advances, hospital stays reduce. Several procedures are now done without a patient being admitted. Day Care caters to patients undergoing surgeries or procedures that don't require an overnight hospital stay. All minor, intermediate and major procedures like Cardiac Catheterisation, Cataract with IOL, etc. can be performed in Day Care.

Yes, a patient can choose his/her room type. However then, the room charge will apply as per the bed class, and not as per the Day Care Charges.

Yes, this may be done subject to availability of a bed in the desired class, and all charges shall be billed for the higher class retrospectively.

We can only estimate charges based on the type of surgery and the doctor. Your doctor would advise you on the grade of the surgery. Other charges depend on bed classes which are: Day care 2500/-, Twin Sharing: 4,000/-, Deluxe: 6500/-, Premium Deluxe: 8500 and Suite: 12000/-, per day.

Frequently Asked Questions of OPD related

Consultation charges vary from Doctor to Doctor. The charges vary from Rs. 850 to Rs. 2000 along with a one-time registration fee of Rs.350 when the patient comes in for the first time.

For any consultant appointment, please call on 6958 5500 / 6958 5555

For any Health Check-up appointment, please call on 6958 5500 / 6958 5555.

OPD billing payments are accepted in cash, Debit/ Credit card & demand draft or RTGS in the name of 'Sushrut Hospital & Research Centre'. We do not accept cheque payment as per our policy.

There is no cashless facility for Health Check-up.

Any test available except for the consultation / actual procedures can be added . An additional 10% discount can be availed if the guest chooses to perform the additional tests on the same day as the health check-up.


Ultrasound/Sonography of the heart is a procedure where jelly is applied on the chest and then pictures are taken in different angles with the help of a probe. It helps to detect the structural abnormality of the heart muscles and valves.


ECG electrodes are placed on the chest with cables attached to a machine to record the electrical activity of the heart. It helps to detect the functional capacity of the heart under physical stress.

In casualty, a Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) is available 24X7 to attend to Medical emergencies.

Patients can call up the casualty department if there is any medical emergency or the admission counter for any any query related to admissions. The respective extension numbers are:

Extn: Casualty 6098/6099, Admission: 6031/6032

All Consultants can be seen only with prior appointments in the OPD.

No prior appointment is required for blood investigations, patient can walk-in for the same.

The timings are as follows:

Blood Test: OPD 7am to 10pm (Except Sunday & Public Holiday/EMERGENCY BLOOD TEST COLLECTION 24X7), For other investigation kindly check with respective department.

All investigation reports are available at OPD Building, Ground floor from 7am to 9.30pm (except Sundays & public holidays).

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