How drinking plenty water can heal your body

by I T Department

Posted on 10-Oct-2018 09:36 AM

We all know what harmful drinks like alcohol, artificial fruit juice, and sugar flavored sodas can cause obesity, diabetes, heart problems, stomach pain, skin diseases and organ failure. The list of complications is never-ending, but what if there was a way to cure all these problems by just drinking regular water? Water is the source of life. It is everywhere and all around us. Water is present in our body, in the moisture in the air and in every living thing around us. So with such abundance, let AIMS Hospital guide you by letting you know how to take advantage of this widely available magic potion. Here are some reasons why you should start drinking lot of water.

You Lose Weight Faster:

You do not need a special diet to lose weight. Studies by recent scientific research have shown that if you replace water with all the other beverages you normally consume for just 9 days, you would lose equal amounts of calories as you would lose by jogging for 8 km a day. This happens to be a great way to stay slim without any extra effort.

You speed up your metabolism:

Drinking lot of water helps speed your metabolism, which in turn raises your energy levels. Drinking just 17 fluid Oz of water in the morning increases your metabolism by 24%. Your body will start feeling rejuvenated and normal activities can be done with an abundance of energy.

The Brain Works Better

Did you know that your brain is 75% - 85% water? So by drinking water, you add fuel to your brain. It helps you think smarter and more clearly. With low levels of water, your brain works twice as hard. So the next time you have a lot of office work or have to study for an exam, simply drink water and increase your concentration. Now cope with daily tasks easily and stay energized even in the evenings.

Stops you from overeating:

Water suppresses the need to overeat. Your body only takes in the necessary nutrients while the remaining is discarded as waste or is deposited in the fat cells. Drinking water not only helps maintain the PH balance within your body but also helps you stay fit and not feel sluggish or lazy. Sometimes your body confuses hunger with thirst, so if you suddenly feel like eating something high calorie, drink water, you may just be thirsty.

You are Body Excretes Toxins faster:

Water also helps your kidneys and other organs like the liver and urinary track flush out bad bacteria and toxins, this way your body remains clean and healthy. Even your own dead cells and foreign contaminants are passed out while urinating.

Lowers the risk of diseases:

Water lowers the risk of many diseases such as hypertension, bladder conditions, constipation, bowel cancer, and a lot more. Start drinking water now and reduce the chances of heart, disease, kidney failure, liver failure, dehydration, etc.

Your Heart works better:

Studies have shown that just 5 Glasses of water reduces the chance of heart failure and heart attack by 41%. This is a very impressive number, considering the vast cases of people with heart failure due to improper lifestyle choices and added stress.

Keeps your Joints and Cartilages protected:

Water ensures your bones and cartilages remain hydrated and supple, as the rubbery material that coats our bones is made up of 85% water. Water also keeps the spinal cord fluid well hydrated and healthy.

Improves the health of your skin:

Water washes out harmful substances preventing aging, Want to look young again drink a glass of water every chance you get. This allows your skin to stay hydrated and prevents dryness, wrinkles, and cracks. Water also clears and moistens your skin. We lose a lot of water when we sweat; this is the way of your body trying to cool you off from overheating up. Drink ample amounts of water and watch your skin feel replenished.

You save a lot of Money:

Drinking coffee, milkshakes, smoothies, and tea is harmful, with the excessive sugar contents and artificial flavours, but also causes a big dent in your pocket. Try switching to water as a beverage; you will end up having more money to spend on other things that you would love to buy instead such as shopping, health check-ups, and family outings. Learn to stay healthy and keep drinking lots of water. Water is cheaper than any other drink.


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